We don't stop moving because we grow old, we grow old because we stop moving.

Who is this for?

Everyone can benefit from a body tune up. Repetitive movement patterns create imbalance in the body, which can lead to pain and ultimately injury. This therapy can help rebalance your body to help you move better.

How does it work?

Through a comprehensive initial evaluation including postural assessment, gait analysis and muscle testing, we will create a plan together to optimize your movement pattern and address any injuries. Sessions will be clothed, but include massage if required. Most clients experience improvement in 3 or 4 sessions. My goal is to teach you how to use your body so you're not relying on anyone to live pain free.


"Marda Mills is absolutely the best! I've known Marda for years and went to her to get relief for discomfort in my lower back and tight neck. Marda takes her time to fully understand the issue and get to know you. She is so knowledgeable about how other areas of your body may be adding to your issue. Her warm demeanor and positive "we can fix this" attitude is better than anyone. Not only have I seen her for massage, but my 3 kids who were athletes also saw her when needed. Once you meet Marda, you won't want to have anyone else working on you."- Shawn

"I'm a professional beach volleyball player. I had a practice where my back seized up, and I was having trouble walking without my legs giving out and tingling. I called Marda immediately after that practice and she saw me that day. She worked with me and sent me home with exercises to continue building strength. Her caring is at the forefront of everything she does and I always leave feeling better. I was able to go to practice within the next couple of days. Her knowledge of the body goes deeper than just fixing "what hurts". She explains how everything in the body is connected and truly cares about your overall wellbeing."- Adrianna

"I am thrilled to write this testimonial for Marda, who has been an incredible source of education and support in my journey to rebuild core strength after two c-sections. Marda's knowledge and expertise in postpartum recovery are truly impressive, and she made me feel very comfortable in her holistic and patient approach. She helped me to recognize the toll both pregnancy and delivery had on my body and provided me with a comprehensive plan to "retrain" my muscles and get back to my pre-baby strength (and videos to refer back!). Thanks to Marda, I have made significant progress and feel stronger. Marda has truly been a game-changer in my postpartum journey, and I can't recommend her enough."- Jewel

"My experience working with Marda was vital for unlocking further growth in Beach Volleyball, exercise and movement as a whole. In 3-4 total sessions over a 1-2 year span, I have been given endless knowledge and tools on how my body moves, compensates and functions. After leaving our sessions I felt like I had a path forward to fix my movement quality and improve how I feel. Marda cared extensively about my long term growth and improvement, and, ensured I left a session feeling much better and confident!"- Samuel


Marda Mills has an innate understanding of the body through her many years as an athlete. She started out doing massage and noticed many of her clients came back with the same pain week after week so she started looking for a way to solve the problem, not just reduce pain temporarily through massage.She is licensed as a massage therapist and certified in:
- Neuromuscular reprogramming
- Barefoot analysis
- Postural analysis
- Structural integration
- Rocktape


Initial Evaluation: 1.5 hrs, $125
Follow up Visits: 0.5 hrs, $50

Note: I believe that body work should be widely accessible and offer sliding scale services on an as-needed basis.
If financial barriers are impacting your ability to obtain treatment, please reach out to me and we can discuss options.

Request An Initial Evaluation

Reach out via phone, email, or text to schedule your initial evaluation. I'm looking forward to working with you.Marda Mills
(630) 779-1094